2019-01-11 23:45

Renegade - ZX Spectrum 128K - gameplay thru 35 levels

I just had to make it. :) 35 levels in 128k version, score of over 0,5 milion points This is a legitimate gameplay video, it's just made out of 3 different attempts, from each I took what was best. Still, 100% fair play. See if you can tell where the 3 source videos change. The gameplay itself is different from 48k version: 1. There is one additional move - the throw. It makes life easier in many cases. See examples on the recording. 2. There is an additional background for level 4, this allows level 5 to start always with the villains to the right. In 48k it depends on where you finish level 4. 3. My subjective impression is that on +3 the keyboard is read differently. I ocassionally struggled with basic moves, ie. jump kick. You can see it clearly. I did not experience it to such extent in 48k version. 4. Another impression is that enemy moves timing is a bit different. This challenged me in each 5th level. Some combinations I was certain to get away with, turned out deadly. I had to improvise a lot and this is visible. Enjoy this long video.